SCAD StartUp is an annual business design sprint hosted by SCADpro x Flux (UI/UX department at SCAD) that provides students the space to bring their innovative ideas and business proposals to life. The week long sprint enables students to connect with industry giants and leaders who mentor, share their insights and finally vote for the winning concepts!
This year's theme is, 'Embracing the Unorthodox'. Being a regular participant in this design sprint, I decided to go a step further and contribute by being a part of the core team this year! I worked on the Main Title Sequence and animation deliverables as the Motion Designer. I worked closely with Lauren Neu who worked on the design boards as well as the sound design.

This collaborative piece was orchestrated based on the branding brief given to us by the Visual Design team. The branding included flat shapes with a very colorful palette to choose from. From there, we took the next few weeks to move from ideation and conceptualization to production and compositing, finally having a finished piece!
As a part of our deliverable, we had to create a variation for the StartUp Logo that was in line with the current year's theme and branding. So that's where we started. For the main title animation, we decided to fashion the letters of the logo into a living, geometric mechanism to show a journey through new environments, experiences, interaction with other objects, tackling hiccups, overcoming adversities and perfecting the ability to look at the bigger picture; all essential parts of the design sprint.
Soon, our design boards started coming together. After multiple rounds of iterations, modifying ideas and realizing that there were too many colors being incorporated into each scene, we found the right balance between doing justice to the branding, while still maintaining a professional look to each shot.

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