The Jakarta International Jazz Festival is one of the largest Jazz Festivals in the world and arguably the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Held every year in Jakarta, Indonesia, the annual festival is an ode to the dying and niche genre of Jazz. The very first edition was held in the year 2005, and it has taken place every year since!
I created a mock promo for the 2023 edition of the Java Jazz Festival, simply because of my love for music and Jazz in particular. My aim through this piece was to bring a fresh look to the genre while still holding on to some traditional attributes of Jazz. This can be seen through the usage of the purple hues, a color associated with richness, rhythm and royalty. I paired this with apple green in the effort to bring a fresh spin to the artform. I also chose a non-traditional sound track to go with the promo visuals, simply with the aim of portraying the comeback of Jazz 2.0, now fresh and remixed!​​​​​​​
Sound Credits: Sweet Rascal by Jamie Berry​​​​​​​

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